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S5 Media Player
The S5 Media Player is a very powerful, responsive, free to use, html5 audio and video player that will work on any device! It is based on the MediaElement html5 script, and comes loaded with features! Because this player is html5 based that means it will work on all devices, including Apple products. Setup is a breeze, with absolutely no programming knowledge needed at all. Please see some working examples below. Click Read More for a full list of options available.

At the bottom of this page you will see three example sermon blog posts using this plugin. This easily setup through the default blog category structure of the CMS itself.

MP3 Example:

Download Here

MP4 Example:

The video above can be downloaded from for your use. It is not being re-distributed by This plugin does have the ability for a Download button for both audio and video.


  • Specify the height and width
  • Fully responsive - adapts to all screen sizes
  • Set multiple colors such as the bar and background
  • Enable or disable the download button
  • Auto play a specific file
  • Preload the files before playing
  • Set the default volume
  • Flash fallback options for non-flash devices
  • Default media path
  • Allow default Android and Apple controls
  • And much more!
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